Assassination Classroom 1 Review

January 12th, 2015 | by Jakeman
Assassination Classroom 1 Review

Assassination on the midterm


We open the year with Assassination Classroom. Based on a manga of the same name, Assassination Classroom’s Manga counterpart has been consistently top ten in Japanese sales as of this writing.


We’re put in the middle of classroom 3-E, of Kunugigaoka Junior high school, as the class attempts to assassinate their alien like teacher, Koro sensei. From the start, we see what Koro sensei is capable of. Dodging bullets made from a special substance that is only lethal to him. He effortlessly dodges rounds of ammunition while taking attendance and moving at Mach 20 speed.




A flashback later shows how Koro sensei destroyed 70% of the moon leaving it in a crescent like shape. He then threatened the Japanese government with doing worse to the earth. After countless attempts to exterminate the creature, the Japanese government, gives up and negotiate accepting Koro sensei’s terms. He will teach a classroom how to kill him. With the one to accomplish this tall feat, winning 1 Billion yen.

We’re pulled into what appears to be a fun gag most of the episode, with some Anime clichés to introduce the rest of the cast.









Apart from Koro sensei, Nagisa is our person of interest. Halfway through the episode Nagisa is forced into a suicide bomber role,

by 3 of his bully class mates. This is where he get a chance to shine, as he executes the plan with excellent skill and timing. In the end, the plan ultimately failed.










This part was when Assassination Classroom was at its best. Showing the dark side to Koro sensei. The happy go lucky teacher puts fear into all of his students, showing them a fate worse than death.




In the end, he goes back to his Jolly self and teaches the students that it’s not about “getting it done”, but how it’s done as well. Follow by a very interesting flashback of Koro sensei’s silhouette in a mysterious form with a young woman dying in his arms.




Assassination Classroom feels like a gag with a more serious and action packed future. Other Anime series have followed that formula, including one of my personal favorites, Katekyo Hitman reborn. I look forward to more episodes and if the manga count is any indication, this is the start of something good.