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Were always looking for people that are passionate about Anime like we are. Join our family and help us share our love for Anime with others!


Current Openings

* A cross means filled position


  Graphic Designer

Do you have the power to move people through visual communication? As a graphic designer at Animecut, you’re responsible for the site’s layout and feel as well as the identity of our family. Creativity is a must, especially when working with anime. Make noise and build around to compliment what brings us all here to Anime!


  Web Developer II

Build simple solutions to complex problems to enhance the experience of everyone. The Web Developer 2 position is the hand that shapes the engine that runs Animecut. After your love for coding, you must enjoy Learning, Teaching, and Growing with the web team. Work closely with the design team to create breath taking applications that feel natural to use.



Let your Imagination run wild and turn your ideas and stories into solutions. Copywriting at Animecut is about saying the right thing at the right time. You will be part of the message we want to say and how we say it. Move your readers with powerful thoughts and help craft the Culture.


  Social media coordinator

An Animecut social Media coordinator is the voice of our community. As the title implies, you must be a social butterfly. Work with the team to help spread our words and love of Anime. You must also answer the questions and concerns of our audience and be our voice outside



Writers are the passion of A writer here must consume an extraordinary amount of Anime, Manga, Video Games, and everything else in that spectrum. You writers are what everything Animecut is all about. Share your experiences and open an incredible world that’s full of imagination, action, horror, romance, and everything in between. 



As an editor, you’re responsible for the integrity of our content. You will constantly work with our writers and help with fact checking, publications, and announcements. Make sure articles are made and published with the most important reader in mind: Our audience.


  Internships available

 Love Anime but are not sure what your calling is yet? Want to earn experience in a fast paced environment solving real world problems? Or maybe you just want a fun place to hang around and contribute? An internship is the key that opens the first door to many possibilities.



Do you see yourself in any of these positions? We would love to hear from you! E-mail us at or fill out the form below with the position of interest in the subject line and a brief description of yourself.


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