Where to watch Anime



The top places to watch the best Anime


So you’re ready to watch Anime to your eyes fall out but you don’t know where to watch it. Here are the top 3 places to go watch Anime.





Crunchyroll’s diverse line up and robust community make it the go-to destination for Anime watchers. Paid accounts get you ad free HD streaming and the Crunchyroll app is also Available On the current Playstation, Xbox, and smart phone devices.






 Everyone should be familiar with Netflix. You’ll get Shows to catch up on, Movies to watch, and Anime! Although their Anime line up is not the greatest, they do have the essentials and are the most likely to have most of our all time greates Anime series. The paid suscription is affordable, and the netflix app is virtually everywhere.





Funimation rounds out our top 3. The first 2 are by far the best destinations but every Anime season Funimation has 2 or 3 of the best Anime out there. 


These are animecut’s top places to legally watch anime. For a more comprehensive list with a full breakdown and Analysis, please check out the Organization Anti-Social Geniuses team’s list.